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Do you need a special cake for your event? Maybe cupcakes for a change? Or are you just craving for sugary treats? Are you thinking about serving desserts for your upcoming event? Here we have all and the best thing is we can design the treats just for you or customise it to suit your liking.

Please select from our varieties of scrumptious cakes, cupcakes and other treats. From lovely layered cakes, classic decadent cupcakes, indulgent cheese cakes, traditional fruit cakes to our designed cakes and coutured cupcakes.

Try our deliciously delightful brownies and our simple yet tasteful cookies.

Do not miss our yummy pastries, fruity-licious tarts and goody pies too.

Let us help you make your celebrations the best and full of excitement!

For more details on our scrumptious baker's goods, please go to the links below: